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Industry Electric Design, Inc. was founded in October 2007. IED provides electrical engineering services for industry. Our services include electrical distribution system design and upgrades, substations and switchgear, power systems analysis, generator control systems, automation systems and electrical distribution equipment testing. IED provides on-site construction administration services to insure electrical manufacturers and contractors provide and install our systems according to the IED plans and specifications. At the end of each project, IED follows through to provide our clients with complete and accurate "as built" drawings, manuals, and documentation.
IED's experience includes electrical system designs for industrial facilities, electric utility power plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, agricultural and mining, food and beverage. Our electrical systems design experience range from 480 volt to 38 kV distribution systems, as well as standby generator systems. Our instrumentation and control systems design experience includes SCADA and PLC based control systems, power monitoring and transfer systems, as well as custom control panel designs.
IED is committed to providing quality engineering solutions to our clients' ever growing needs for expansions and upgrades, improving reliability and safety, with always paying special attention to minimizing downtime and economical impact.

Systems Analysis

The benefits of power systems studies include determining the protection required to safeguard personnel, as well as electrical equipment and components in case of a power disturbance or fault. Other benefits include:
  • Compliance with electrical codes and standards (NFPA 70E, OSHA, IEEE, NEC, etc.)
  • Minimize system downtime and nuisance protective device operations
  • Ensures proper protection for conductors, transformers, motors, and other vital components of the electrical system
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The power system study results will include recommendations or corrections to improve reliability, safety, and economics. These studies are useful in evaluating existing systems, or in planning for new facilities, expansions, or modernization. IED performs a variety of electric power systems analysis. The following types of power systems analysis are offered by IED:

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Protective Device Evaluation
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Load Flow and Voltage Drop
  • Motor Starting Simulation
  • Transient Stability
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Electrical System Grounding
  • Transient Voltage Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Power Quality Measurements and Analysis

Electrical Systems Design

For design projects, IED develops and delivers a comprehensive package of specifications and drawings. We develop conceptual and detailed plans, designs, specifications, drawings, and related documents for all types of electric power systems. Our design experience includes:

  • Substation Design and Upgrades
  • Switchgear Installations and Replacements
  • Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Transformer Installation and Replacements
  • Relay Protection Systems
  • Grounding Systems
  • Lightning and Surge Protection Systems
  • Emergency Generator and UPS Systems

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Automation and
Control Systems

IED performs a wide range of automation control system design and integration services, from small custom control of OEM packages to total plant floor systems integration. We work closely with our clients to determine the best technological approach to modernize and/or expand their existing control systems. IED's control systems design and integration services include:

  • PLC/PAC/HMI Control Systems
  • SCADA and DCS Systems
  • Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starters
  • Power Transfer Control Systems
  • Emergency Generator Control Systems
  • Controller Programming and Device Configuration
  • On-Site System Start-Up and Troubleshooting
  • Operator Training

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Electrical Equipment
Testing and Inspections

IED offers power system equipment testing and diagnostics services including commissioning and acceptance testing. Proper testing and commissioning of your newly installed electrical equipment, or inspection of old equipment, can prevent costly delays and outages by detecting problems they before become critical.

  • Air, oil, vacuum and SF6 circuit breaker
  • Protective relay testing
  • Thermographic inspection
  • Transformer testing, oil analysis
  • VLF and Hi-pot cable testing

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To contact us for more information, send us an email to info@iedelectric.com

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